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1.  Siem Reap/Angkor Cultural sites and Ancient temples and all the ruins
                                Angkor Wat                                                                  Bayon Temple


                    Victory gate of Angkor Thom                                  Taprohm Temple   


                  North gate of Angkorthom                               Banteay Kdei temple


                                Bakong temple                                        Bapuon temple


                                    Neak Poan                                       Preah Khan temple


                                        Banteay Srey, the pink sand-tone temple                                          


2.  Naturally ecological sites(beaches, lake, birds, waterfall)

The most beautiful beaches

                           The floating village                                           Waterfall

The bird Sanctuary

3.  Phnom Penh city of more than 600 years old and its Historical sites

The royal palace

National museum in Phnom Penh

4.  Historical Khmer Rouge Killing-fields from Genocidal regime


5.  Rural areas / Local ’s true lives

6.  Professional Photographers’  destinations